Waterloo microbrewery


The Waterloo microbrewery provides the most efficient means of production, allowing brews of 10hl. Its boiling vessel is characterized by a variable background, which is customized according to the treated product. The brewery has all the advantages of large specialized facilities concerning high-fermentation beers. Constantly fed by hot water from two boilers, stirring takes place following all necessary steps from conception to maturity, to begin fermentation under surveillance and in the best conditions.


The importance of the quality of a beer, is primarily associated with the characteristics of the water used in its production. The specific geographical location of the Brabant microbrewery conceals amazing water quality, imbued with limestone and low in iron, which makes it therefore easier to achieve a perfect pH. Moreover, Waterloo and the region is primarily a farming area that developed long before the bicentennial battle, with imposing farms, abundant crops and richness of soil. All malts, durum and wheat used in making the beer come from this soil, and all basic raw materials are local with the exception of the hops, but these will soon also be derived from the landscape.


The performance of the new microbrewery in Waterloo is in every respect close to the point of perfection. From the wort production phase that guides the final flavour of the beer, water is already at an advanced stage of boiling. The brewing system includes a high-performance cooler that adds to the mixture, with ultimate design elements such as yeast, before the carbonization process in the fermentation tank at a precisely controlled temperature. After its period of maturation, the beer is decanted into horizontal tanks before bottling, in which it will begin its final fermentation before being poured into a glass.


The manufacture of Waterloo Beer has not been assigned to just anyone. We have two young brewers, supervised by head brewer Willem Van Herreweghen, to control the destiny of our products. On the one hand, Thomas Vandelanotte has already gained experience thanks to his years spent with the Timmermans Brewery, which is associated with authenticity, vitality and quality. At his side is Edward Martin, great-grandson of John Martin, who bathed in beer from birth and is very fastidious about the high quality of the product.